Demi Lovato is putting her solid gold star power to good use as she lends her beautiful voice to the fifth annual Teens For Jeans campaign. As reported by MTV, Lovato is joining with teen brand Aeropostale and action network Do Something to promote denim-focused clothing drives in schools across the nation. Jeans are the number one requested item for teens in homeless shelters, and with Lovato’s help, we can get jeans for every teen who needs them.

In a PSA for the campaign, the ‘Favorite Pop Artist’ PCA winner says that the school that collects the most pairs of jeans between Jan. 16 and Feb. 12 will get $5,000 and Aeropostale jeans for every student. Pretty sweet, huh? It also comes with that warm fuzzy feeling that you can make a difference in a homeless teen’s life.

The ‘Skyscraper’ singer’s positivity is an inspiration to us all, and with her help, this campaign is going to rule. All you have to do is go into your closet and dust off those flares and cigarette jeans from bygone days. When you really think about it, do you need every pair? Demz knows first-hand that times can be tough, but there’s always somone who has it tougher.

Watch Demi Lovato’s ‘Teens for Jeans’ PSA