Drunk driving has been and will be one of the biggest problems in America.  Despite the commercials, the posters, and the stories, drunk driving will continue. Friends at parties will continue to say, "Oh, he'll be fine." Then "he" will get into his car, drive drunk, and kill himself and/or somebody else. That's why, when I see videos like this, I get chills. This guy absolutely did NOT want his friend to drive drunk, especially because the dude's daughter was in the car with him. After trying to persuade him with words, to no avail, the guy did the only thing he could think of- He knocked him out with a punch to the jaw and the sleeper hold. Honestly, this is one of the coolest, realest thing I've ever seen. It's an example of true friendship, and I only wish I was tough enough to have one of my punches be effective.