The falling domino sets have been interesting since the good ole Sesame Street days, but no one has ever done one a scale this grand before! Enter Canadian DJ/turntablist, A-Trak.

A-Trak is very versatile at his craft, having garnered several DJ championships, including still holding the title of the youngest ever DMC World Champion, a feat he earned at the tender age of 15! Now 32, A-Trak has his own label and was Kanye West's official tour DJ. He's also produced music for plenty of artist in a multitude of different genres.

This video for 'Tuna Melt' which is a collaboration with Tommy Trash, features a massive domino set falling through a 2-story mansion in more rooms than I can count. It has to be seen to believe. It must have taken days (if not weeks) to prepare. I can guarantee, you've never seen anything like this before. Oh yeah... and the song is pretty awesome too!