As a 25-year DJ veteran, I've seen some strange things over the years, but nothing quite as strange or terrifying as this.

A 50-year old disc jockey by the name of Jody Flemming was performing a live stream DJ set at his home when a wild bear took an interest in his show. The video (shown below) was taken on October 2020.

I have to give the ultimate level of props to Jody for keeping his cool. I would have panicked, turned everything off, locked all the doors and more than likely waited for animal control to arrive, while guarding the door with one of my many firearms. Flemming didn't even bother to lock his door. As a matter of fact, other than closing the screen, he didn't even close the main door! He also seemed to be amused by the situation, smiling throughout the entire experience.

You sir, get the award for the most calm and cool under pressure.

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