Just about every website and Google search will tell you that the best time to visit Wonderful Wyoming is during the summer months (June through August).

What is obvious by the way our annual rush of tourists act, is that they haven't spent as much time Google-ing safety and proper etiquette at our national parks.

While most Wyomingites understand and have a decent amount of knowledge (see also: common sense), when it comes to things NOT to do (like petting the fluffy cows), it still seemed like a good time to throw some safety tips and reminders out there.

As safety should always be the most important factor, the following is a list of the minimum distances you should be to safely observe wildlife in Wyoming (with data gleaned from Yellowstone National Park and the US Forest Service).

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REMINDER: these are the minimum distances. Depending on the situation, always err on the side of caution and add more space.

Safe Distances to Observe Wildlife in Wyoming

Gallery Credit: DJ Nyke

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