Science can be fun. Have you ever attempted to make snow out of boiling hot water? Probably not. It doesn't logically sound like something that can be done, especially not in mid air, even in the blistering Wyoming cold.

So how is it possible for boiling water to turn into snow (or ice particles) in mid air? When it's cold outside, there's hardly any water vapor present in the air, whereas boiling water emits vapor very readily, which is why it's steaming. When you throw the water up in the air, it breaks into much smaller droplets, so there's even more surface for water vapor to come off of. Also, when you throw the boiling water up (especially in below zero temperature), air has more water vapor than it has room for. So the vapor precipitates out by clinging to microscopic particles in the air forming crystals. This is the same basic principle that creates the formation of snowflakes.

Don't believe? Try it for yourself!!!


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