The 80's were awesome for me. Why? The 70's clothing was finally going out of style (I hated bell bottoms and corduroy), Hip-Hop started being recognized as an actual form of music instead of just a fad and some of the best cartoons EVER came on Monday through Friday after school. After getting one of the theme songs stuck in my head yesterday and forcing Tee-Roy to listen to me sing it off key, I decided to share my personal top 10 favs. AND HERE IT GOES!!!!

#1.) Transformers - The coolest thing ever invented is all you need to know.

#2.) Voltron - Whether the 5 lions or the 25 vehicles, still the bomb (although everyone agrees the lions where better).

#3.) He-Man - He had the coolest pet and a hot sister (She-Ra... duh!).

#4.) G.I. Joe - They created the term action figure. Nuff said!!!

#5.) ThunderCats - Every kid wanted to be one of the team... male and female!!!

#6.) Silverhawks - If you've never seen it... you're missing out!

#7.) Bionic Six - Cool theme, cool show... a must watch!!!

#8.) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Ninja's, pizza, New York City... that sums it up.

#9.) M.A.S.K. - Mobile Armor Strike Kommand

10.) Cops - Central Organization of Police Specialists... It's crime fighting time!!!

What are your favorites?