Today (June 25th, 2013) is the fourth anniversary of the death of an icon, maybe the music icon of my generation, the king of pop, Michael Joe Jackson. MJ still holds the record for the best-selling album of all time in the United States as well as the best-selling album of all time worldwide with "Thriller", having sold an estimated 65 million copies. MJ changed the music video genre as well, almost single-handled by making mini movies. Growing up in the 80's, I remember Michael and Prince pretty much being the only two African-American lead entertainers on MTV. In celebration of my hero, here are my 5 favorite Michael Jackson videos of all time over his illustrious career.

#1: Smooth Criminal. The concept alone for this video is awesome, but this is also my favorite MJ song.

#2: Beat It. This was the very first music video I ever saw starring a black man. The year was 1983. Beat It reminded me a lot of the movie "Warriors".

#3: Billie Jean. This video is widely considered the video that brought MTV, which was a fairly new channel (and widely unknown) into the mainstream. as soon as that bass line starts, you know what it is.

#4: Bad. The original cut was 18 minutes long and co-starred a then unknown Wesley Snipes and the video was directed by a legend, Martin Scorsese.

#5: Leave Me Alone. Initially a bonus track on the "Bad", Michael gets back at the media with this effort, and that's why it's one of my favs.

Now this is my personal list. Some might be upset that "Thriller" or "The Way You Make Feel" aren't on here. Everything Michael did was iconic to me. These are just the ones that mean the most to me. No matter what happened in the media, Michael always made me glad my last name was Jackson.