The Bristol City Council (UK) recently launched a campaign to get people to pick up after their dogs.  The ad they released in promotion of this campaign has left Bristol residents with their jaws on the floor.

The image shows a toddler with a face covered in a "brown substance", with some dog droppings at the bottom.  The ad is suggesting that "children will put anything in their mouths" and the imagery leads you to believe that the substance on the child's face get the idea.  Bristol residents are not too happy with the council's choice of tactic.    The message is a valid one, but the imagery seems a bit over the top, and just plain gross.  Although the majority of residents don't like the ad, some have pointed out that "perhaps it will help encourage a few more dog owners to do the responsible thing."

How would you react to seeing a poster like this in your community?  Do you find this offensive or effective?  Take the poll and leave a comment with your thoughts or opinion on this campaign.