Drake laments on his love life and makes a point we all knew already with his new track,'Girls Love Beyonce.'

Drizzy opens the song with the title line as well as some other observations about the fairer sex. "Look, I know girls love Beyonce / Girls love to f--- with your conscience / Girls hate when n----s go missin' / Shorty, you ain't no different / These days I feel like my love life is finished / I've been avoiding commitment."

It's Drake's typical mix of singing and rapping, with singer James Fauntleroy crooning Destiny's Child's 'Say My Name' in the hook.

Drake also makes a point to show just how different and sensitive he is from his peers, adding, "All my young boys around me / Saying 'Get money and f--- these h--s' / Where we learn these values / I do not know / What to tell you."

The rapper, who recently aired his dirty laundry with Rihanna and Chris Brown (losing sensitivity points there, bruh), has said the track will not be on his upcoming record, 'Nothing Was the Same.' He explained that he and producer 40 -- who was behind this song as well -- have a distinct vision in mind for the album. "I’m excited about the place me and 40 are in," he told East Village Radio (via Rap-Up). "I'm doing this whole album in order, so like the first six songs just tell this story that I've been dying to tell, and now I’m just trying to continue that story."

A good addition to the story? Not just girls love Beyonce. Everyone loves Beyonce.

Listen to Drake, 'Girls Love Beyonce' Feat. James Fauntleroy