You live in our part of America and sometimes you get to experience magical things. That's exactly what happened to one driver who just happened to come upon a group of young wolves who were practicing their howling skills.

Someone named Borjan shared this video on Rumble. I've done as much investigating as I can possibly do and can't pinpoint exactly where this vehicle/wolf encounter happened. All I can say for sure is that it's a gravel road somewhere in the mountains. Here's what the video share said about this neat video:

These adorable baby wolves stopped by a parked vehicle in the mountains to demonstrate their howling abilities and we are glad it's all caught on video. So adorable!

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This peaked my curiosity so I had to find out when wolves learn to howl. The International Wolf Society is chock full of super howling facts. The estimation is that young wolves begin perfecting their howling at around 6 months. Some of the wolves that this driver encountered looked even younger than that.

I have to wonder if these young wolves were trying to alert the pack of a human presence or maybe they were letting mama know where they were. I don't speak wolf (yet) and can only speculate.

What I do know is this is one of the many reasons we love the west. Wildlife encounters like this are always a possibility.

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