In a recent interview with Kid Kraddick, Ed Sheeran got to chat not only about his music, but about things that are really important: Taylor Swift's boobs.

Sheeran opened the show with an acoustic cover of Britney Spears' 'Hit Me Baby One More Time,' and the hosts pointed out that the ginger Jesus (he hates that nickname, by the way) closes his eyes while he sings -- and that audience members look like they're actually praying to him. The 'Lego House' singer explained that he does it because sometimes fans will sing the lyrics back to him and they'll be off and mess him up!

When a fan asked what it was like working with Taylor Swift, Sheeran was nothing but complimentary. "It was wicked," he smiled. Before he could continue, a DJ blurted, "Shouldn't they be together?! I think they should be together." Another DJ quipped that it was probably Sheeran's first taste of being in the tabloids.

Sheeran got flustered, his face turning as red as his hair. "That's sort of awkward," he said sheepishly. (We don't blame him, considering Swift just broke up with one of his besties.) "She has like, five cars following her everywhere," he revealed. "Everywhere!"

When another DJ yelled, "Did she get a boob job?!" Sheeran was both diplomatic and honest. "No," he said quickly. "Do you know what? I'd say no because I think if you were going to get a boob job, you'd get it so it was bigger. I don't think ... not that I spend a lot of time looking at them." Well played, Ginge!

As for his tattoo that reads "RED," Sheeran explained that it was for Swift and their upcoming tour, but not to take it too seriously. "If you look at my arm -- there's a ketchup bottle there! It's all very random ... I get tattoos for every major thing." He goes on to point out different tats with different meanings, including one for his first tour and one from when 'The A-Team' was first played on the radio in San Francisco.

As for the ketchup? He just really, really likes it. Tune in to find out how he feels about being voted "Worst Dressed in the World," the inspiration behind 'Lego House' and 'The A-Team' (both of which he also performs) and who he thinks will beat him at the Grammys!

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