It is the digital age and everyone is looking for love... mostly in the wrong places. But the internet is making it easier than just forcing yourself to dig through the trenches in bars and entrusting your friends to 'hook you up' with that someone special. With dating sites popping up all over the place and being force-fed them through television commercials (, eHarmony,, etc.), you never really know where to start.

Well now the farmers no longer have to feel left out. is here! Boasting the somewhat funny, yet strangely appropriate slogan of: 'City folks just don't get it!', you just have to give the site a look see.

It has all the basics of any other dating site, including success stories, profile viewer and member search, which makes the site very easy to navigate through. It even has the option of allowing same sex searches (no jokes please... it is after all a free country, a la Brokeback Mountain).

The one thing that had me on the fence so to speak, is I didn't know farmers had the time or the computers to search for love in such an unconventional way. I guess it is a new generation. The internet is truly everywhere. You go Mister Dairy Farmer!!! You need love too. Git er done!!!

Check out this commercial trailer.

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