Three people were arrested Saturday evening after a police officer saw what she believed to be a drug deal in a parking lot.

Scott D. Lamb, 20, was booked into jail on charges of interference and possession of marijuana.

Alaina D. Wright, 19, and Matthew R. Madden, 21, were each arrested on charges of possession of marijuana and possession of hydrocodone.

A male teen was arrested, though the charges against him have not been released, as he is a juvenile.

Charging documents say a police officer was patrolling the area of Second Street and South McKinley at roughly 8 p.m. Saturday when she saw a maroon van, which she recognized from a previous incident which resulted in the arrest of a woman on a drug charge.

The officer drove the through the parking lot of Second Street Discount Liquors, where the van was parked, and saw Lamb walk from the van over to a blue truck, which was parked in front of Cold Stone.

Lamb allegedly shook hands with another man at the blue truck, then walked south on McKinley. The officer believed she had just witnessed a hand-to-hand drug deal, so she followed Lamb and tried to talk to him in the alley south of Cold Stone.

The officer got out of her car and said, "Hey man, can I talk to you for a minute?" Lamb looked back at the officer, then reportedly ran off down the alley. The officer yelled for Lamb to stop, but he kept running.

Though she chased him, the officer soon lost sight of Lamb. But it wasn't long before two other officers found Lamb hiding in the laundry room of a nearby apartment complex, where he was arrested.

Police confirmed Lamb was wanted in Mills for resisting arrest, no driver's license and possession of marijuana. Lamb declined to discuss what happened at the blue truck, and was taken to jail.

After the arresting officer dropped Lamb off at the jail, she was told that other officers had located the maroon van at Taco John's on F Street.

Police ended up speaking with the occupants of the van -- Wright, Madden two teenage juveniles -- in a parking lot. Wright reportedly said there was nothing illegal in the van, and gave police permission to search the vehicle.

According to the affidavit, police found a marijuana pipe, a scale with what appeared to be marijuana residue, a marble bowl with marijuana residue, seven hydrocodone pills, several pills of the muscle relaxant chlorzoxazone, a clear glass jar with a small amount of marijuana in the bottom, and a pair of sandwich baggies containing marijuana shake.

Wright told police that Madden and the two juveniles had recently picked her up from work. She said she was not in the van when Lamb allegedly ran from police. Wright reportedly denied using controlled substances, and said she didn't know anything about the drugs and paraphernalia allegedly found inside the van.

Wright was arrested and taken to jail.

Madden told police a man had picked him up at about 6:30 p.m. Wright was not in the van at that time, Madden said, but they picked her up shortly thereafter.

Madden also said he didn't know anything about the drugs and paraphernalia allegedly discovered by police. He later said they drugs belonged to Lamb, who Madden claimed he didn't know and was only giving him a ride to the liquor store.

Both juveniles initially lied about their names. One of the teens gave an incorrect birthdate three different times before police discovered her true identity, while the other teen only admitted his real name after police told him he was going to jail.

Since he is a juvenile, the teen's name and charges have not been released.

The female teen was written a citation for drug possession, then released to her mother.

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