A school girl being dropped off at a school bus stop was killed yesterday south of Dubois. Wyoming Highway Patrol Staff Coordinator Sgt. Stephen Townsend said that Makayla M. Strahle, 11, of Crowheart, was killed when she crossed the highway.

Bus stop on Highway 26:

“This happened on the 20th, on US 26, approximately 43 miles southeast of Dubois in Fremont County. It involved a school bus that was offloading a child. The school bus did have its flashing red lights activated. The child was in the process of crossing the roadway and a vehicle failed to stop for the flashing school bus lights and struck the child as she crossed the highway.”

Sgt. Townsend said the weather conditions were foggy at the time and that the driver has not been given a citation, but the investigation continues.

Open investigation:

“The driver was 52-year-old William Barnes, from Lander, Wyoming. Upon completion of the trooper’s crash report, all that information will be turned over to the Fremont County Attorney’s Office. After they review that information, they will make the final determination of the filing of any criminal charges.”

Sgt. Townsend said the school bus was from Wind River Elementary School in Pavillion.