Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is known not just for her breathtaking sense of pretension, but also for preaching to the world about healthy eating -- so why was she caught on tape cramming (what we assume were non-organic) marshmallows down her throat?

Paltrow appeared on 'Jamie and Jimmy's Food Fight,' the same show where she also ate a hamburger and drank a milkshake while on a roller coaster for no discernible reason whatsoever.

Despite her slim figure and counting a personal trainer among her BFFs, Paltrow admitted, "I embarrassingly tend to eat more than the men that I eat with.”

Jimmy called her bluff and the pair played Chubby Bunny, a game that originated in elementary school cafeterias. It involves putting a marshmallow into your mouth, saying the phrase “chubby bunny” and repeating the process until you can't hold any more marshmallows in your pie hole.

Or until someone, you know, vomits.

Spoilers: Gwyneth wins the contest and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver seems flabbergasted that someone could actually fit three marshmallows in her mouth. Which might mean Jamie's been hanging out with all the wrong women.