Not only is Monday "Leap Day", it also marks the anniversary of a legendary Wyoming landmark.

On Feb. 29, 1929, an executive order went into effect, establishing Grand Teton National Park. Well not exactly. But we all make goofs and state senators are no exceptions. When former Wyoming Senator Craig Thomas introduced the Grand Teton National Park Land Exchange Act in 2001, he declared the birthday of one of our favorite parks as Leap Day. That would have given the park its 22nd birthday. But in actuality, Grand Teton National Park birthday is Feb. 26, 1929 making it 87 years young.

Although we will miss the late, great Sen. Thomas, we can still celebrate the breathtaking area.

Not only is Grand Teton one of the most majestic places on earth, it also contributes millions to Wyoming's economy.

According to a 2012 study, the park generates over $400 million in annual revenue and accounts for over 6,000 jobs.

Combined with nearby Yellowstone National Park, they attract over six millions visitors annually, producing nearly 10,000 jobs and contributing over $600 million to the Cowboy State.

Happy birthday, Grand Teton. Here's to another 22 (or 87) more.