On Monday morning, after this weekend's record-breaking winter storm, I got a call from a Wyoming state trooper who wanted to, politely and professionally, scold the driver of a MINI Cooper who, according to the driver, just wanted to see if the road was open yet.

At what point do you look outside and think, NOPE, not worth it. Some of us are smart that way.

But some people stupidly see blizzard conditions as a challenge.

These are the people who drive along the un-plowed lane of the interstate, passing the more sensible drivers who are taking it slow on the dry side. These are the same people who pass snow plows. We usually see them later, in the ditch.

But back to our Laramie MINI Cooper. 

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That little car is not meant for conditions like we had this weekend. He got stuck high on some snow. This jacked up some trucks that were following behind the coop. Some plows coming down the interstate had to stop. In the end, it took 4 hours to untangle that mess. Wreckers had to be called.

You'll be happy to know the driver of the little MINI was given a bill for the mess he made and the time he wasted. He was not happy. He could also have been ticketed and arrested if the trooper had chosen to do so. But arresting him takes even more time away from work that needs to be done.

Those plows can't just turn around. They then had to go back into town to make a big loop. but the ramps were filled with abandon cars, from other stupid drivers like the one in the MINI Cooper. Once the plows finally got into town they were stopped by other cars that had been abandon by even more idiots who decided to try their blizzard driving skills.

I think you'll enjoy hearing the officers description below:

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