Driving and traffic in Casper is leaps and bounds better than it is in the bigger cities (like Denver, for instance), but we still manage to have a few local issues.

Number one on my list, is drivers not being patient enough to wait for other drivers to parallel park. While this isn't a major problem (because we don't have too many areas where you actually need to parallel park), the few places where you do, it becomes a serious issue.

Downtown Casper is one of the places where it is necessary. I have noticed this for a long time when the weather is decent, but recently when the roads weren't so good, I had a very bad experience.

@dj_nyke My fellow Casperites, where did our signature kindness go? It snows a bit and we lose our minds? We can do better. #Driving #Wyoming #Casper #WTF ♬ original sound - DJ Nyke

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Again, this isn't a new thing (unfortunately). I've been noticing it happening in and around downtown for some time now, but usually when the weather is better. This was literally the first time (that I can remember), where fellow drivers were being that inconsiderate during inclement weather conditions.

I know we are all almost always in a hurry, but ignoring road conditions, breaking the law, and just being rude isn't the Wyoming way.

When I first moved back to Casper in 2002, it was a refreshing experience to see how kind, respectful and courteous Wyomingites were... and that's in general, not just on the roads.

Here's to hoping we can get back to that and soon.

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