Dear Fellow Casperites (and visitors just rolling through town),

Where is the rush lately? I have noticed since the beginning of the month of September (2021), there have been a rash of crazy drivers locally. Let me clarify what I mean by "crazy":

  • Speed Demons - on the interstate, through construction and regularly through some of the busiest streets in town (like CY, 2nd Street, Poplar and McKinley). This also includes in active school zones and around school buses.
  • People Swerving in Between Lanes - in semi-crowded traffic, both on the interstate and in and around town. This started off being mostly a motorcycle issue during Sturgis, but now the 4-wheeled vehicles are joining in on the action.
  • California-rolling through stop signs and traffic lights.
  • Riding the bumper of people doing the speed limit (and in some instances, even if they're exceeding it).
  • Ignoring pedestrians that have the right away.
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With school back in session, my inner old man wanted to blame this rash of inconsiderate and just plain bad drivers on the kids, but after two weeks of back to school antics, I can not accurately make that claim. This has not been youthful exuberance. This has been mostly adults... adults that should know better!

I remember my grandmother used to blame bad driving on the cycles of the moon. Every time she noticed a bad driver she'd say with utter disdain: "the moon must have changed". Well, it's changed at least twice this month and the driving has not gotten any better.

I use to heavily brag about Wyoming drivers (especially Casper ones), being caring and considerate. I believe the majority is still that way, but it's always the few bad apples messing it up for everyone else.

So allow me to say this, considering how small Casper is overall, on average, speeding will only get you to your desired destination 5 minutes faster "if" you're going 10 mile over the posted speed limit, and even that is only if you don't get stopped by a police officer or worse, getting in an accident. Is 5 minutes worth your life or that of your passengers (or even other drivers)?

We share these roads. Let's do better. I'm including myself in here too, because I once had the worst road rage on the planet.


Your fellow Casper driver

P.S. - Put the cellphones down, too. There's no text message and/or social media update that's worth your life.

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