In 2019, 934 babies were born at Wyoming Medical Center: 436 girls, 498 boys and 10 sets of twins. Of those, the parents of 612 babies opted to have their babies' names shared in the weekly birth announcements published at and in local media. Here are the most popular names for 2019.

The most popular girls' name for 2019 was Brynlee (also spelled Brynleigh and Brynlie.)  Seven baby girls were given the name, including two Brynlees born on the same day. Brynlee Mae and Brynlee Alexis were born less than five hours apart on August 19th, 2019.

The most popular boys' names (five babies apiece) was a tie between:

  • Jackson
  • Rowan
  • Ryan.

Click here for the complete list of Casper baby names.

On the list, there were fun surprises. More babies were named Osiris (two) than were named Oscar (one). Some parents went traditional (one baby each was named Richard, David and Hannah), and some got more creative (hello to Mazikeen, Grizzlee and Emalita).

There were variations on common trends such as a Rosalee, a Rosalina, a Rosalynn and two Rozalinas along with one each of Ryder, Ryker, Ryland, Rylan and Rylee.There were three Blakes and four Blakeleys, as well as a Winter, an Autumn and a Tuesday.

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