To play a game like soccer at the collegiate level, the training never really stops. You have to be extremely fit, just like the UW Women's Soccer players.

The competition to secure a spot on the roster for any collegiate team is fierce. Athletes begin at a young age to gain the skills and abilities to play at such a high level and one of the most exciting moments for a young athlete is the day they get an offer to play at the next level.

One thing that athletes endure is a constant training schedule. Just because your sport isn't in season, doesn't mean you stop staying in shape and sharpening your skills. That is the case for any athlete that wants to be better than they were last season. The NFL season just came to an end and the NFL defensive player of the year T.J. Watt of the Pittsburgh Steelers, after taking a couple weeks off to rest up, T.J. is is already back into his off season training routine.

NCSA stands for Next College Student Athlete, is a collegiate athletic recruiting network that assists young athletes find the college that is best for them and helps them through the recruiting process. One of the stats on I found to be interesting was that only 9.6% or high school women's soccer players go on to play soccer in college and only 2.3% go on to play at a Division I school like Wyoming.

Staying on top of your game is how you become part of the 9.6% of girls that play in college. It's inspiring to see the hard work these ladies put in (even in the off season) to be at their best.

As you can see on their Instagram feed, the UW Women are in full on off season training mode getting ready for the season which kicks off in the fall.

KUDOS to the Wyoming Cowgirl Soccer team and ALL the student athletes that are putting in the work.

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