So, over the course of their lifetime - the average woman has 4.4 sexual partners.   Unless their names end in "A", according to a new French study.    Here's the story from Time:

Most women would agree Kate Middleton is a pretty lucky lady, but she's probably not as lucky as she might have been if she'd been named Kata. Because according to the French page of online dating service Smartdate, women whose names end in “a” have more sexual partners in life than those who don't.

French daily paper 20minutes reveals the findings of the Smartdate survey measuring the sexual activity of its French users. The paper quotes Smartdate stating women whose names end with the letter “a” reported having more than the average 4.4 sexual partners most women had during their lifetime. Leading the hit parade of sexually productive names is Laura (with an average of 9.7 partners), Tania (9.6), and Lola (9.5). By contrast, women named Thérèse averaged 1.1 lovers, just behind 1.2 for Françoise, and 1.3 for Martine.

"A" ladies - true story, or full of la poupe?

(via Sexuality Study: Why Every Amanda and Erica Is Friskier Than A Claire or Kate - TIME NewsFeed.)