There's a major media outlet that has done a brand new national ranking of states and they have made the outrageous claim that North Dakota is better than Wyoming. Nope and nope.

This is no small potatoes website that has shared this. We're talking US News and World Report. You would think they would know better, but they declared that North Dakota ranks way higher than Wyoming. In their article, they claim to have applied 70 different metrics to decide which states are better than others.

With everything factored in, North Dakota comes in as the 15th best state to live in. Wyoming is ranked a measly #31. No way is this true unless you're figuring the best state to use a chipper shredder in. (If you don't get this, rent the movie "Fargo" and you'll understand)

Wyoming gets dinged on this list because of economy and health care. We do get credit for having a nice "natural environment". Thanks for showing us a little love at least.

I will admit that Washington state is a pretty place and it isn't crazy to imagine them being named #1 on the US Today and World Report list. But, Florida and Iowa also rank much higher than Wyoming. There is an entire website devoted to why Florida sucks.

Check out the complete US News and World Report ranking if you'd like a good ole Wyoming laugh today.

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