Pop star Beyoncé has released a fun video for her new single, ‘Love on Top.’ And it could potentially become the next ‘Single Ladies.’

Set in a sun-drenched dance studio with the skyline of New York City visible through the wall of windows, Beyoncé is accompanied by five male dancers and is initially dressed in a rather low-key outfit consisting of a leotard, captain’s hat, and sneakers — definitely a departure from her normal sky-high stilettos.

But before long, night falls and she launches into one of several costume changes. The familiar heels are back, and the mom-to-be rocks some perilously low-cut jackets that have clearly benefited from the use of sturdy double-sided tape, lest she suffer an epic wardrobe malfunction.

Do you think ‘Love on Top’ is the next ‘Single Ladies’? Check it out below and tell us.