Kanye West apparently had put his phone out of sight and out of mind for a bout four days prior to jumping back on Twitter with a vengeance today (May 21st, 2018). The multi-platinum selling rapper, producer and clothing designer is still in Wyoming working on an estimated five new albums: his solo album, a new Nas album, a new one from Pusha T, collaborative album with Kid Cudi and one secret project.

You may have noticed that the whiteboard next to Yeezy has a potential list of song titles to his right. If you look closely, the fourth song down is named Ghost Town. Is this alluding to him coming here or maybe the fact that he's already been or is it just a happy coincidence? Here's the complete track listing for the KIDS album (which is believed to be his collaborative album with Kid Cudi):
  1. Feel The Love
  2. Kids See Ghost
  3. 4th Dimension
  4. Ghost Town
  5. Cudi Montage
  6. Devil's Watchin
  7. Reborn


    According to Twitter handle TeamKanyeDaily, Chance The Rapper is also in Wyoming right now recording with Ye.  

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