Following a special session of the Wyoming Legislature and much talk, Governor Mark Gordon on Friday made it official.

Wyoming, along with 10 other states, filed a lawsuit against vaccine mandates. Gordon, in a statement, called mandates unconstitutional.

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A petition was filed in the US 8th Circuit Court of appeals and a motion of stay is expected to be filed next week.

“These legal actions are essential to stopping the unconstitutional mandates from the Biden Administration. This is a result of the hard work by our Attorney General,” Gordon said in a prepared statement. “I thank General Hill and her team for their efforts to protect the rights of Wyoming citizens and her industries. We have been preparing for this battle and, as promised, we are now joined in the fight to protect our civil liberties. Rest assured I am committed to using every tool possible to oppose these unlawful federal policies.”

The lawsuit challenges emergency standards adopted by OSHA which require private employers with 100 or more employees to mandate their employees to get vaccinated or implement weekly testing and masking requirements.

According to the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services, that impacts a total of 106,462 workers in Wyoming.

According to the petition filed,  “This mandate is unconstitutional, unlawful, and unwise. The federal government lacks constitutional authority under its enumerated powers to issue this mandate, and its attempt to do so unconstitutionally infringes on the States’ powers expressly reserved by the Tenth Amendment. OSHA also lacks statutory authority to issue this mandate, which it shoe-horned into statutes that govern workplace safety, and which were never intended to federalize public-health policy.”

The other states in the suit are Missouri, Nebraska, Montana, Arizona, Alaska, Arkansas, New Hampshire, North Dakota and South Dakota.

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