If it feels as if your boyfriend or husband tunes you out on occasion . . . well, congratulations on being like EVERYBODY else in this world.  And . . . it's TRUE.Researchers in England recently revealed that both men AND women really DO tune out certain things that are said that apparently their subconscious does not find relevant.

In the study, researchers chose the most stereotypically "male" words like "beer" and "football" . . . and stereotypically "female" words like "chocolate" and "shopping."

Following that, they had men and women listen in on a conversation, and report back on the things they heard.

Men were often able to recall the moments that featured the manly words and not remember the other parts . . . women were more likely to remember the parts with female words and forget the rest.

(Daily Mail)

(Here's a hint ladies, if you want your husband to do the dishes, you have to say, "Beer, football, rock climbing, biceps, Hummer H2, testicles, please do the dishes, okay?")