The Wyoming Department of Revenue says homeowners in Wyoming may qualify for a partial refund of 2022 property taxes paid. The application deadine is June 5, 2023.

Last year, Governor Gordon's supplemental budget request included an extra $1 million to go towards the Property Tax Refund Program to help Wyoming households impacted by the rising home values and property taxes.

HB-99 Property Tax Refund Program was signed by the Governor on March 2.

Wyoming Department of Revenue Director Brenda Henson explained that Wyoming residents for the last five years may qualify for a refund if they have occupied the property nine or more months in 2022 and their personal assets do not exceed $150,000 per adult member of the household (some exclusions apply).

In addition, household income must not exceed 125% of the median household income for the county where the property is located or the statewide median, whichever is larger. For all but seven counties that amount is $86,400. Counties with higher income limits are Campbell $114,125; Converse $94,613; Lincoln $95,163; Sublette $101,988; Sweetwater $96,888; Teton $128,900 and Uinta $92,788.

The process consists of completing a two-page application, providing documentation showing proof of income and that 2022 property taxes have been paid in full. Applications are available at county treasurers offices or by calling (307) 777-7320.

Additional information on Wyoming’s property tax refund program, including eligibility requirements and how to apply is available.

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