It's one of the easiest, cheapest, most inclusive and exciting things to do on a good snow day.


The sledding process is simple.

  1. Climb the hill
  2. Sit on sled
  3. Slide down the hill
  4. Repeat

That's pretty much it. Anyone can go sledding and have a great time doing it.

It's the part leading up to the sledding fun that is extremely important.

  • Wearing the correct clothing
  • Having the proper gear
  • Finding the perfect spot
  • Knowing the proper safety rules has offered a list of safety tips that you can teach your kids to help lower the risk of injury while sledding.


  • Choosing a safe sled - one with steering and braking capabilities are best. If not, teach how to roll off sled if it won't stop
  • Wear a helmet - Winter sports helmet or even a bike helmet will work
  • Warm/ safe clothing - snow pants, winter jacket, snow boots, gloves and hats. Avoid scarfs as they can get caught under the sled

Find a safe spot -

  • Find a hill not too steep and has a long landing area at the bottom
  • Avoid hills that end near roads or parking lots
  • Avoid hills that end near water sources, trees or fences
  • Make sure the hill doesn't have rocks, bumps, trees, or poles in the sledding area

Sledding Safety -

  • Have an adult present in case of injury
  • Kids under 5 should sled with an adult
  • Kids 12 and under should be watched at all times
  • Face SITTING forward while sledding downhill. Never go head first or stand on a sled
  • Go down one at a time
  • Don't build ramps
  • Keep arms and feet in sled
  • Walk up the side of the sledding area
  • Don't pull a sled behind a moving vehicle.

Dr. David Mooney, Director of Trauma at Boston Children's Hospital, likes to use the 6 'S's' of Sledding Safety.

  • Slope - Pick the right hill for sledding
  • Snow - Avoid sledding on ice or hard packed snow. Fresh snow is best
  • Sled - Pick the right sled
  • Sit - Always sit on a sled
  • Sun - Avoid sledding at night
  • Snowsuit - Proper dress is  important.

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