As we approach the summers months, The Science Zone has a multitude of summer camps, both indoors and outdoors for Casper youth.

A recent press release from The Science Zone stated:

The Science Zone announced the return of their Summer Camp series, featuring both indoor and outdoor camps for youngsters between ages 6 and 15. The camps will occur throughout the summer school break.

“The camps vary in price and age ranges, so there’s going to be something for just about everybody,” says Trevor Trujillo, Operations Administrator for the Science Zone. “Scholarship opportunities are also available for people who might find the registration fees prohibitive.”

This year’s summer camps include several outdoor adventure experiences and multiple indoor camps. Most camps run from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm.

Outdoor Camps:

  • July 15 - 19- Ecosystem Extravaganza: River Expedition: (Ages 9-15) Campers will explore ecosystems and their wildlife, learn about biology, and join a research team in Edness Kimball Wilkins State Park as they band songbirds. Finish off the week with a river expedition, where campers will learn different fishing techniques and go kayaking.
  • July 22 - 26- Outdoor Adventures: Bighorns: (Ages 11-15) Campers will stay at the beautiful Thorne Rider Youth Camp outside of Sheridan for a week. This camp includes kayaking, fishing, and rock climbing as campers explore the many lakes and trails in the Bighorn Mountains.
  • August 5-9- Outdoor Adventures: Wind Rivers: (Ages 11-15) Campers will have the opportunity to visit Wyoming’s Wind River mountains. Participants will swim, hike, and kayak while exploring the beauty of the outdoors.

Indoor Camps:

  • June 10-14 Science Shenanigans: (Ages 6-8) You've been told not to try it at home, try it at the Science Zone! In this silly science camp, students will explore the gooey, icky, and sticky side of science and chemistry. Concoct silly creations of chemistry, and learn about how chemicals, particles, and atoms work together.
  • June 10-14- Legendary Lasers: (Ages 9-15) Explore the science of light. Learn how light works, and how we can use it. Participants will use lasers to engrave their own designs, learn about lightsabers, and put on a laser light show.
  • June 17-21 Candyology: (Ages 6-8) Explore chemistry and engineering in the most tasty way. Students will learn new candy recipes each day, and sink their teeth into exciting new flavors! They will learn about states of matter, chemical reactions, and how to make something delicious.
  • June 17-21 Ologists: B-A Scientist (Ages 9-15) Have an aspiring scientist in your house? Join The Science Zone as we talk to experts in their fields and learn what it takes to do what they do. Band birds with a wildlife biologist, talk to an astrophysicist, and shadow a vet!
  • June 24-28 Bug-ology: (Ages 6-8) Students will learn about food-webs, research techniques, and what it takes to be a bug! During this camp, kids will discover the amazing micro-world of insects and other creepy crawlies. Join the Science Zone at parks and other natural areas around our town where we can discover all sorts of amazing wild critters!
  • June 24-28 Master Chemist: (Ages 9-15) The Science Zone will give campers the opportunity to do the things they can’t get away with at home. In this silly science camp, designed for older kids,students will learn about chemistry, states of matter, and chemical reactions. By the end of the week, they’ll be a Master Chemist!
  • July 1-3 Crack the Case: (Ages 6-8) Kids can be a detective for the week. Participants will find clues, learn about forensic testing, fingerprinting, and hacking. Put all the pieces together to help the Science Zone solve their very own mystery!
  • July 1-3 Enviro-Engineer: (Ages 9-15) Camp attendees can put their problem-solving skills to the test as we explore the outdoors. Kids will discover how hydropower works with a special trip to Alcova Dam, learn about some of the problems facing Wyoming's ecosystems, create their own inventions and put them to the test.
  • July 15-19 Kinetic Sculpture: (Ages 6-8) Discovering the wonders of moving sculptures, The Science Zone and the Nicolaysen are partnering for this amazing and artsy architecture camp. Attendees explore the physics and engineering behind sculpture, and build theirr very own moving art projects.
  • July 22-26 Playful Planting: (Ages 6-9) Children can get their hands in the dirt and learn all about plants. The Science Zone is joining forces with Wyoming Food For Thought with this awesome camp experience. Join us as we explore gardening in Wyoming, learn how to grow the tastiest fruits and veggies, and discover the role of gardens in ecology!
  • July 29-August 2 Rockasaurus: (Ages 6-9) Geared for dinosaur fans, this camp will partner with the Nicolaysen Art Museum. Kids will turn into time travelers and dig for your own dinosaurs, explore Wyoming geology, and dig up some interesting information on the land before us!
  • August 5-9 Try It!: (Ages 6-8) Children can explore their inner myth-buster in another amazing partner camp with the Nicolaysen! Let's see if we can make rocks float, test what soda makes the highest fountains, try to make water flow uphill, and lots of other cool experiments. Camp will start every day where all good science starts: with a question.
  • August 12-16 Amazing Astronomy: (Ages 9-15) Students will make rockets, learn about planets, stars, time travel, and alien life in this camp. The camp concludes with an overnight at Edness Kimball Wilkins State Park where we will put our new stargazing skills into action.
  • August 12-16 Animal Adventures: (Ages 6-8) Feed a Sulcata Tortoise, hold a ball python, learn about animals! Students can meet the animals of the Science Zone and unlock their inner zoologist. Participants will learn about what it takes to care for these exotic animals and go on adventures to discover different critters around Casper. The camp will also include an overnight at Edness Kimball Wilkins State Park where they will explore the amazing ecosystem.

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Each camp requires registration and space is limited. For more details about each camp, links for registration, and information about multi-child family discounts visit The Science Zone’s events page on our website: www./

You can also call us at 307-473-9663 (ZONE).

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