This evening will be the first of hopefully many, signing events with local artist, Zachary Pullen, at The Science Zone.

A press release from The Science Zone operations administrator, Trevor Trujillo, states:

The Science Zone is hosting its first pop-up signing event with Casper Artist Zachary Pullen, in celebration of the release of The Science Zone’s "2024 The Thinkers Calendar".

The Thinkers Calendar features art by Pullen and is based on The Thinkers coffee table book that was released by The Science Zone in 2021. In addition to Pullen’s unique art and profiles of some of the greatest thinkers throughout history, The Thinkers Calendar also boasts 12 interactive experiments, one each month, that families can do at home through the year.

Pullen will be at The Science Zone, 222 East Collins Drive, in Casper from 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm for the signing.

“The experiments are designed to engage the entire family in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics all year long,” says The Science Zone’s Operations Administrator Trevor Trujillo. “Since our mission is to inspire curiosity, we wanted to find a way for folks to help foster that discover at home with families.”

The 2021 book, The Thinkers, features illustrations by Pullen, text from writer Brad Herzong and an introduction written by NPR Science Friday’s Ira Flatow. The book is based on a painting by Pullen that features several of the great thinkers of history from ancient Greece through the modern era, all gathered in the same room.

“This gathering of brilliance is meant to convey the scope of human inquiry and innovation,” Pullen and Herzog said in a brief preface to The Thinkers. “While this may appear to be a book about remarkable people, it is actually about the potential of the human mind.”

The Science Zone will have copies of the calendar and book available for purchase at the pop-up event as well as other Thinkers merchandise including prints, sketches, magnets, and puzzles. Books sell for $35.95, calendars sell for $20.

The signing will also coincide with The Science Zone’s Free Family S.T.E.A.M. Night, where UW Student Ambassadors will be on hand to walk family members of all ages through learning about the basics of Computer Science in celebration of National Computer Science Week. The Family S.T.E.A.M. activities are free and will feature free deli sandwiches donated by East side Walmart Deli, while supplies last.

Free family S.T.E.A.M. nights are presented in partnership with AmeriCorps, and is one of the ways AmeriCorp members are making a difference in our community. Funding for this work is provided by a grant from America’s Service Commissions and the Mott Foundation, and provided by ServeWyoming.

Anyone with any questions can call The Science Zone at 307-473-9663.

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Check out the photos below of Pullen's artwork in "2024 The Thinkers Calendar".

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