Jay-Z loves Cuban cigars and was enjoying them while he and his lovely wife Beyonce were in Cuba this week. The power couple are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary and the two look as in love as ever. They were mobbed by fans at La Guarida, a popular Havana restaurant, and required police assistance to keep the admirers at a safe distance.

Bey's hair was piled atop her head in a knot of braids, a look we've seen before, taking photos, which she has admitted satisfies her in a way that tweeting doesn't. And we're not talking cell phone or smartphone photos. She looks happy with that big ol' expensive camera in her hands.

Silvia Fernandez, a waitress who witnessed the couple, said that the duo dined with their mothers and there was a man there whose identity she was not able to place. Bey was au naturel, as Fernandez said the Queen was "beautiful, without a drop of makeup." No shock there.

The couple toured colonial Old Havana, as well. How romantic!

Perhaps Blue Ivy will get a little bro or sis outta this trip. Yeah, we said it.  While Bey told Oprah that she isn't considering a second child until after her tour, even the best laid plans go awry when romance is in the air.

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