Hello 21st century! It looks like we will be getting the next edition in Jetson-like technology soon. Enter Jibo: The World's First Family Robot.

Watching this commercial really has me optimistic about the Jibo robot. If it can do even half of what the commercial boosts, it will be worth the $599.00 so-far-suggested price tag. Some cool features of the robot are:

  • adaptive-learning artificial technology.
  •  two hi-res cameras that can track and recognize faces.
  • 360° microphones with natural language processing that will allow you to talk to Jibo from anywhere in the room.

Amazingly enough, the Jibo crowdfunding is Top 5 rated, having over 2 million dollars! If that wasn't already an astounding accomplishment, the developers reached their $100,000 goal in the first 4 hours and the first million in a week!

As soon as Jibo is available to the public, I know I'll be getting one. Growing up watching The Jetsons, I always wanted Rosie.