On cold days, most of us Wyoming folk would rather not leave the warmth of our homes, let alone go outside to shovel snow. Thanks to technology, you may not have to much longer. Enter Kobi!

Kobi is a new lawn maintenance robot, that has three different modules: one for mowing your lawn, one for removing leaves and one for snow clearing. Which means you (or your children), won't have to brave the below zero cold to remove snow or sweat through the dry, summer heat to cut your yard and/or rake leaves!

According to the official Kobi website:

Kobi will be your reliable gardener, one that never tires, never fails to show up when required and will never send you an invoice. If you choose to, Kobi can be totally self-managing as it knows what to do, when to work and when to charge. Sounds like the perfect gardener, right?

Each Kobi unit is also equipped with anti-theft detection and is protected by a pin-code. If someone attempts to steal your Kobi, it emits an ear-piercing alarm sound while simultaneously sending a warning to your smartphone. For further protection, Kobi will go into “disable mode”, rendering it useless for anyone else but you.

There's no price tag for the robot listed yet on their website, but if it's even half as good as the iRobot Roombas, you can bet it's going to be on the steep side.

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