The Crook County Sheriff's Office recently shared some information regarding some of the new features of the iPhone 14 - features that, evidently, have made their jobs a lot more difficult.

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"Do you have an iPhone 14 phone and/or an Apple watch?" the CCSO wrote. "There are new features to be aware of called 'crash detection' and 'fall detection'. The new iPhone 14 sends calls to 911 whenever the phone detects a jarring jolt it determines to be similar to a severe car crash. This has spiked the number of 911 calls from skier or snowmobiler phones."

The CCSO wrote that these features automatically call 911, which has spiked the number of calls dispatch receives. More importantly, it ties up emergency lines, making it harder for actual emergencies to get through.

Thus, emergency dispatch operators are forced to quickly decide what is and is not an actual emergency and what's an automated call.

"If you are snowboarding, skiing, or snowmobiling it is recommended that you disable the 'crash detection' and 'fall detection' features in the parking lot before you go," the CCSO wrote. "You can re-enable them once you are back."

The CCSO emphasized how helpful these features can be...but also how annoying they can be, specifically for police officers and emergency dispatch operators.

"Though this technology can be helpful in real emergency situations (like a motor vehicle accident), it's less helpful in a minor tumble on the hill," the CCSO wrote. "If you have an accidental activation and the call completes, stay on the phone until the dispatcher answers so they know you are ok and don't send units looking for you."

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