There are some people that have no interest in going into the wilderness to camp without having lights, running water, using a coffee maker or being able to power their laptop and phone.

There's nothing wrong with that. We're can't all be the John Wayne type and enjoy sleeping under the stars on our bedroll, drinking cowboy coffee and turning off our phones.

What if I told you that you could head out into the Wyoming wilderness, go camping and not have to worry about dead phones, no lights or not being able to use a coffee maker, would that change your views?

I was watching YouTube videos when I got on filmmaker and movie drone pilot, Trent Palmers channel. He, his wife and their friends were camping and fishing along the Green River. I won't say they were cowboy camping, but they weren't connected to a power grid, they were using river water essentials and outdoors. A couple of them had campers and the others in tents. They were able to drive in and that allows you to bring a couple tools that can really enhance your camping experience.

Trent was given the opportunity to try out the Anker 757 Powerhouse. It's a portable power station, that helps make life in the wilderness a little more accommodating. During their weeklong outing, the Anker charged everything they needed charged.

Since he does YouTube videos, he has lots of camera equipment, everyone in camp had phones, they powered their portable Traeger grill, used it to power a pump to be able to pump fresh water from the river and used a powered air pump to inflate their boats.

All they did was hook the unit to a $100 Amazon solar panel to keep a charge rolling into the unit.

I know people that would go camping if they could be sure they could charge their tech, use fans and have a few more comforts of home. Shoot, I enjoy the going out with the bare minimum, with something like a portable power station I think I'd enjoy it more.

This would be a great additive for those of you that go RV'ing but the generators have to be shut down through the evening.

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