This past Friday, both JoJo and Donovan from KISS-FM made an impromptu getaway to Vegas for a weekend of non-stop degenerate gambling and drinking sight-seeing and relaxation.  Before they departed they asked you, the KISS-FM Facebook Fan to be part of the trip virtually by selecting the weekend's activity - with choices ranging from an invasion of Chris Brown's birthday party on the strip, to an all-out 'Hangover'-style tooth pulling extravaganza, to the eventual winner - sneaking into Ke$ha's backstage party and show at the Palms.   What happens in Vegas usually stays in Vegas - except for these pictures and videos.

Donovan & JoJo's official recap:

Friday night, we landed, grabbed a burger and cocktails at an awesome spot inside Mandalay Place, and eventually wandered over to the House Of Blues inside Mandalay Bay to check out THEE most hilarious rock band on the planet - Steel Panther.

If you've never seen these guys - brilliant parody of every 80's/early 90's hair band you've ever seen.  Case in point, "Community Property" (which is actually about the most sanitized video they have, but still probably NSFW in most places):

If you're ever in Vegas - their midnight show is a must do, usually happens about once a week unless they're somewhere else, or drunk.  Brings out a lot of celebrities usually - who often sit in (Hollywood Undead did a cameo during the show we saw, for example).  Plus interesting fans too, as Donovan encountered outside.

After a late night run to New York, New York - we eventually went back to our hotels and checked Facebook to see what you guys had commented for weekend suggestions.  Mission:  Sneak into Ke$ha's "Get Sleazy" tour backstage Saturday night at the Palms.

After a late brunch buffet at the Excalibur to soak up last night's cocktails nourish our bodies for another long day in Vegas, we attempted to replenish our funding for the weekend adventure by visiting some blackjack tables.  Safe to say, it did not turn out like this:

After a visit to the ATM - it was off to the Palms, where Ke$ha was scheduled to perform at the Pearl that night.  Using our uncanny powers of persuasion and distraction, we got into the venue early - and toured the stage, which involved some interesting props:

We assumed since Ke$ha's always brushing her teeth with Jack, carrying around plenty of beer, etc. - it would only be hospitable to bring her something from the Pearl bar as an appeal not to be thrown out by her security team token of our appreciation.  Those who complain about beer prices at the Casper Events Center would not be happy - $11 Coronas.  Hey, it's Vegas.

However, we did notice the world's most perfect restroom invention for men, a urinal shelf to put your beer on rather than trying to balance it on the little annoying bolt on top (come on, like we're the only ones that have spilled one).  These should be installed in all Casper bar/venue restrooms, stat.

Finally, showtime.  After hearing that bands like 3OH!3 and LMFAO had been touring various spots with Ke$ha lately - we were curious to see who was showing up.  Turns out, he was curious too.  Here's a look at Ke$ha's friend "Beardo". (NSFW)

Considering the building was now full of the early crowd of 9-year-olds who had brought by their soccer moms to get a good spot at the general admission show, rather than the typical Vegas/Ke$ha party crowd - Beardo went over a little awkward. On the plus side, when the building is full of the Nickelodeon set, the beer line was short.

Finally, the main attraction - Ke$ha and crew took  to the stage, interesting industrial-looking set with lots of lighted costumes and what-not among the decapitated doll heads.

Here's video of Ke$ha performing "Blow":

And, the evidence of your Facebook-suggested mission brought to fruition - photo below of our backstage meeting with Ke$ha, which unfortunately cuts off the fact that she was rocking spandex Wonder Woman pants.  Thanks to Ke$ha and Las Vegas for the hospitality, and subsequent damage to our livers and bank accounts.