Justin Bieber's troubles with the law are far from over.

Back in June, the Biebs paid a visit to tattoo artist-to-the-stars, Bang Bang, in New York City to get 'Believe' inked on his forearm. While in Bang Bang's tattoo shop, these two crazy cats cooked up the plan to have the 19-year-old singer (then 18) ink the tat artist.

Here lies the problem... he was tattooing without a license. According to the Daily News, Bieber could be stuck with a $2,000 fine.

So, what tattoo was worth $2,000? A muscled mouse emblazoned with the word "Swaggy." We are not joking. Bang Bang, real name Keith McCurdy, actually had Bieber ink that on his body... for life. Anything for a good story, right? *Crickets*

We must commend Bieber's work though, even as a total amateur (we're really hoping this was his first time giving a tattoo), his lines are pretty straight!

This isn't McCurdy's first time getting in trouble with the New York Health Department either. The Daily News reports that his shop was cited for operating with an unlicensed tattoo artist on site when Rihanna gave him and two other employees tats of the letter 'R.'

Bang Bang has tattooed everybody whose anybody in the pop world, having inked (and been inked by!) Katy Perry, Selena Gomez and Chris Brown.

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