We learned some new things during Justin Bieber‘s morning chat (Sept. 13) with Ryan Seacrest on ‘TODAY,’ promoting his aptly titled book ‘Just Getting Started.’

First, he told us that he was a handful when his mother Pattie Mallette was raising him, having gotten multiple suspensions from school. He also shared that she planned to name him Jesse. Jesse Bieber? That doesn’t have the same ring as Justin Bieber, does it?

“I got suspended, like, every year,” The Biebs said, admitting that he did not make it easy for his mom when he was growing up.

Mama Biebs joined him during the end portion of the chat, revealing that she called him “Jesse” during the gestation (or is that “Jesse-station?”) period. But when he was born, she knew he was a “Justin.” The Biebs said he didn’t see himself as a “Jesse.” Uh, neither do we.

Mallette shared that one of his teachers once told her, “When he is good, the whole class is good. When he is bad, the whole class is bad.” How did she handle that assessment of her son and turn it into something positive? “We told him he’s a leader,” she said.

Nice work, Mama Biebs. You nailed that one, lady!

The Biebs traversed familiar terrain during the six-minute interview, saying he feels that he is not fully a man at 18, but that he is getting there, with his increased responsibilities and “signing more contracts, doing more on the business side.”

He looks up to Michael Jackson as “the ultimate entertainer,” saying, “his music has so much passion and emotion and I want that passion and emotion to be portrayed in my music, the way he did.”

The ‘As Long as You Love Me’ singer also spoke about the paparazzi being annoying, and admitted that he drove recklessly in July. He qualified that admission by pointing out that the paps followed him in dangerous fashion, when they didn’t need to be following him to begin with.

He doesn’t want to be another teen heartthrob, either, and will spend the next few years proving people who think that wrong. Go Biebs!

The teen also confirmed that the most romantic thing he has ever done was “Staples Center,” which is a reference to the fact that he rented out the famed L.A. arena a year ago so he and lady love Selena Gomez could have a date and watch ‘Titanic.’ Swoon!

Oh Biebs. You’re a doll. And we still can’t imagine having to call you Jesse Bieber. Imagine that.