Justin Bieber is clearly enjoying his time in California, judging by a series of recent Instagram shots.

"Just another normal weekly meeting with @justinbieber and I," Scooter Braun captioned the LOL-worthy above pic, which shows the superstar manager lounging across a grand piano as the Biebs serenades him with a huge grin on his face.

Despite shocking fans with the half-joking announcement that he was retiring in a December 2013 interview, the Biebs has actually been hard at work in the studio. He is constantly teasing snaps from inside the studio, teasing some new tracks, collaborating with Austin Mahone, and (clearly) meeting with his manager about music. We wonder just what it is that he has up his sleeve…

In other Bieber news, he also recently hung out with former 'That's So Raven' and 'Cory in the House' star Kyle Massey, and filmed a ridiculously funny (but profanity-laced) video of him eating steak.

"Why are you always so burnt?" Bieber asks the former Disney Channel star, laughing. (If you're not familiar with the term -- which the Biebs uses fairly often -- it apparently refers to someone who "smokes too much weed and is in a permanent state of mellowness" even when they're not high, according to Urban Dictionary.) Hmmm...

"Shut up, bro! I'm not burnt," Massey retorts, cracking up. "Burnt n----s don't eat filet."

Check out the video below: