It is no secret that Wyoming's newest resident billionaire, Kanye West, is both eccentric and slightly egotistic, but this may be his boldest statement yet.

Earlier this morning (July 17th, 2020), Ye posted a photo of Mount Rushmore with his face digitally added in with the other four presidents to his official Twitter account. The only caption was: 2020.

You've got to give credit to the digital work on the photo. It looks extremely realistic. If I didn't know any better, I would have sworn it was authentic. But when you're a billionaire, all things are possible.

Contrary to earlier reports, Yeezy is still running for president, so this may just be his way of letting the masses know he's here to stay.

Last week Kanye posted a video of him registering to vote for the first time as Wyoming resident, but eagle-eyed fans and haters alike, remember him saying back in 2016 that he had never voted before. Forbes also recently released an article that confirmed this.

Is the world ready for President West?

In other Mount Rushmore related news, click here to see the secret vault in George Washington's head.

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