The 2018 spring/summer season was huge for Kanye West as it was for Wyoming. While the Cowboy State always manages to make national news (although usually only for the weather), it was the first time we were being talked about for Hip-Hop. The five, 7-tracks album he produced did well on the charts. One in particular, Teyana Taylor's K.T.S.E., is still making moves. But much of the hype about what he dubbed, the Wyoming Sessions, has finally started to die down, and with it, so has the prices on his Wyoming-inspired merchandise.

For the release of his eighth studio album, Ye, there was a major listening party at the ranch in Jackson Hole where Kanye produced and recorded it. For all the actors, comedians, musicians and other assorted superstars that were in attendance, each received a goodie bag of Wyoming-inspired swag. The shirts, hoodies and sweaters were also available on his website at costs ranging from $65 - $145, which seemed a little steep for clothing that looked like it was designed by his then 5-year old daughter, North West (we know, let's not even get into that poor child's name).

Fast forward less than a year later and it appears you can get the same merchandise for less than half it's original cost, around $30 on Amazon and Etsy. Full disclosure, the Etsy versions are knockoffs, but they do look identical (not that the particular design is difficult to imitate).

As ugly as the designs are, they did start to grow on me after awhile. Maybe now that the cost is down, I might splurge on one.

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