Why so serious?

John Mayer and Katy Perry looked pretty sad leaving Mayer’s 35th birthday dinner at Freeman’s in NYC last night (Oct. 16). Is the thought of aging setting in? Was the clam dip bad?

Perry looked stunning, so we don’t think that was the reason behind their frowns. She rocked a floral dress, an adorable gray coat and yellow heels, evoking a summery vibe despite the autumn air in New York City. For his part, Mayer cleaned up pretty well, too, rocking a bow tie, button down and striped pants with a denim jacket.

Earlier that day, the pair grabbed lunch at ABC Kitchen, where Perry sported a dressed down, casual look, including a black fedora she’s been rocking a lot lately. While it looks cute on her face, we can’t lie — we get some Freddy Krueger vibes. But hey, Halloween’s coming, right?

Maybe the reason they don’t look too happy is the paparazzi hounding them. But then again, considering the strings of high-profile relationships each of them has had, shouldn’t it be par for the course by now? Or perhaps Perry was peeved at Travie McCoy spilling the beans about her email breakup. That’s gotta hurt!

The pair has been notoriously on-and-off since they first started seeing one another this summer. Just two weeks ago, there were reports that the ‘California Gurls’ songstress kicked the ‘Queen of California’ singer to the curb when he refused to commit. Here’s hoping they make it work this time!

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