Katy Perry revealed the 'Prism' album cover on the jumbotron in Times Square on 'Good Morning America' today (Sept. 6). The image finds the singer bathed in light and looking beautiful.

She has let the light into her life and it influenced her songwriting, allowing her to beam rays back out to her fans. She could have gone the dark route, since she went through a divorce from Russell Brand between the release of 'Teenage Dream' and now with 'Prism,' and no one would have blamed her for doing so. But she chose to follow the path of light.

Perry looked adorable in a black flowered dress paired with black knee-high socks and combat boots, with her hair in milkmaid braids. She was a mix of cute and tough.

To thank fans for their support of her latest chart-topping hit 'ROAR,' she has put out a call to high schools across America. She wants to see your school 'ROAR' in a video and if it's the best, in Katy's opinion, she will come to your school to perform on her birthday morning, which is Oct. 25. That's also the week of release for 'Prism,' which drops on Oct. 22. She will perform on your football field or in your classroom, whatever you want, if your school wins! How COOL is that? More details are available here.

Before signing off of the 'ROAR' floor in Times Square in NYC, Perry said, "It's time to have that next evolution" about 'Prism.' She finished, "But it's just as big, just as colorful, and it's me."

Check out her 'GMA' interview below, and for more info on the contest, click here.

She also shared the track listing for 'Prism.' The standard edition has 13 tracks, listed below, while the deluxe will add three additional tunes for a total of 16.

Katy Perry 'Prism' 'Track Listing (Standard):

1. 'ROAR'
2. 'Legendary Lover'
3. 'Birthday'
4. 'Walking on Air'
5. 'Unconditionally'
6. 'Dark Horse' feat. Juicy J
7. 'This Is How We Do'
8. 'International Smile'
9. 'Ghost'
10. 'Love Me'
11. 'Double Rainbow'
12. 'By the Grace of God'

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