Based on the all the live appearances Kelly Clarkson has been doing to promote her new single ‘Dark Side,’ from the Billboard Music Awards to ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ the music video should be arriving any day now. In the meantime, the first ‘American Idol‘ has posted some behind-the-scenes footage of the clip online.

The first half of the two-minute preview shows the camera taking close-up shots of people of all ages and backgrounds in a small studio. We can imagine those shots will be used when Clarkson sings about how “everybody’s got a dark side.” Clarkson sings part of the track in this studio, looking relaxed in a loose blouse that hangs off one shoulder. She’s also wearing flip-flops, since her feet are not in the camera shots.

Later, the action moves to a bridge underpass near the Los Angeles River, the spot where last month’s leaked pics from the video shoot were taken. In a form-fitting black gown with green and white patches, Clarkson walks on the dirt next to graffiti-covered concrete as she sings, “Will you love me even with my dark side?

The shoot wraps up with the presentation of a birthday cake for Clarkson, who turned 30 on April 24. Kelly blows out the one lit candle and jams her finger into the dessert for a quick taste.

Watch Behind-the-Scenes Footage from the Kelly Clarkson ‘Dark Side’ Video