Kelly Clarkson was so moved by the cancer patients (and nurses) at Seattle Children’s Hospital filming a video of themselves singing the empowering lyrics to her smash hit ‘Stronger’ that she recorded a video response. How sweet of her, right?

In the video, a visibly touched Clarkson gushes, “That was so amazing. It made my day. Everyone has been watching and talking about it. It is so beautiful and wonderful. I can’t wait to meet you. It was the coolest thing to watch.”

The patients and hospital admin are beyond stoked that Clarkson was aware of their video and that she taped her own message for them. There is footage of one patient talking about how she and friends would blast the song and sing along in the car.

We were moved by the spirit and resilience of the patients who made this video and we give major props to Kelly Clarkson for taking time out of her day to acknowledge how her music helped these kids. It’s a heartwarming clip in every sense.

Let’s hope Clarkson stops by the hospital to sing the song and give the kids their own private concert.

Watch Kelly Clarkson’s Response to Seattle Children’s Hospital ‘Stronger’ Video