Ever since I heard first heard Weird Al Yankovic take a popular song and twist the lyrics to make it funny, I've loved parody songs.  I love them so much that I often take a song that playing on the radio and give it different lyrics just to try and be funny like Weird Al.

Lady Antebellum has had some downtime this summer and what do bands do when they've got down time?  They get together and blow off steam, write and collaborate or in some cases create an alter ego act much like Miranda Lambert did in creating the Pistol Annies.

Lady Antebellum has an alter ego group as well - 'Lady Haze'.  The trio often perform a few goofy parody or two for fans whenever the group is stage and have hit a home run with their newest tune - Party in a Bathrobe.

Lady Antebellum has been out on the 'You Look Good' Tour with Sam Hunt on several stops and put their Lady Haze spin on Sam Hunt's latest smash hit - Body Like a Back Road.  Check out 'Party in a Bathrobe'.


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