It’s been a busy week in the social media sphere for Lady Gaga. While she and Rihanna duke it out over Facebook “Likes” (RiRi is currently atop that heap) and YouTube views (another battle won by RiRi in the social media war), Gaga cruised passed a whopping 18 million followers on Twitter over the weekend.

Seriously, that is just an insane amount of followers. 18 million people tune in to enjoy her 140-character tweets –that’s a stat that has gotta make the Mother Monster feel pretty damn good about herself.

The Twitter queen tweeted a note, acknowledging her latest social media feat. She posted: “Can’t believe I have 18,000,000 TwitterMonsters, really rad, was just a few years ago I had barely any.”

Gaga is on pace to get to 20 million followers. It’s obvious that Twitter is her domain and no one will ever come close to catching her in terms of followers.

In other Gaga social media news, she has joined Google+, adding another outlet to her social media network. Lady Gaga’s page can be found here, so if you use this service, look her up!