When you gotta go, you gotta go! Lady Gaga admitted to British TV host Alan Carr on his ‘Alan Carr: Chatty Man’ program, which airs this Sunday (Nov. 20), that her elaborate and restrictive stage costumes make it quite difficult for her to relieve herself while performing so she has resorted to peeing in trash cans.

We know, we know. It sounds crazy, ridiculous, weird, unconventional and strange, but it’s not as WTF? as it seems. Think about it. If Gaga were to take breaks during her shows to urinate, she would be gone from the stage for a minimum of 10 minutes while trying to extract herself from her outfit and then pouring herself back into it! Rather than waste time away from the stage and the fans who paid good money for her to entertain them, she improvises. It’s actually a brilliant strategy.

“I do quite often pee in the dressing room, in the trash can,” the Mother Monster told Carr, according to WENN. “It would have been an interesting photo today because I had a big pink bow on, and I was over the trash can. The bathroom is down the hall. And I was naked. It was just me, my bow and my nakedness. Me and my dustbin have a very important relationship.” A naked and bowed Gaga? Something tell us that would have been quite a striking image.

Gaga probably pees before she gets dressed, but all that singing, dancing and bantering with the crowd causes her to work up a sweat and makes her thirsty, so she has to replenish with fluids while onstage, so holding it in or not drinking any water at all aren’t exactly viable options. Luckily she figured out a way to relieve her bladder without affecting her performance.